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In recent years, Facebook Fan page engagement has proven to increase sales and increase revenue for online businesses. This practice has also come under criticism from various Social media marketers. Some claimed Facebook fan page engagement is not as effective as before while some maintained it is still very effective if not even more. The fact is that Facebook engagement has very positive benefits for online business in sri lanka if properly utilized.

It is hard to maintain facebook engagement

It takes hard work to get very popular with your Facebook fan page and also get people to interact with it. The benefits of having more people interact with your fan page are enormous and give you an edge over your fellow competitors within the same niche or industry. It is obvious that when people engage more frequently with your content, Facebook algorithms show those posts to more people to increase your visibility and engagement. Even though it might sound so simple, it’s not as simple as that. This is because there are series of rules every successful internet marketer will have to follow or take into consideration for them to be able to increase their Facebook Fan page engagement.

The following tips will educate you on how to increase your Facebook page engagement

1. Using Photos: Sri lankans love to see photos on their facebook feed.Photos plays a very important role on social media especially when the photos are very attractive and informative. Using quality photos on your Facebook Fan page will help draw the attention of your visitors and fans to take a look at your post. Studies have shown that post with attractive photos increase engagement over 300% and encourage people to like and share your post and pages. Photos should be taken serious on Social media marketing especially on Facebook Fan page in order to increase engagement and likes on your Fan pages.

2. Use Facebook Live: this is another great way of getting more fans and increasing your engagement on your fan page. However, I think this works better when you already have some fans on your fan page. This platform is new and is already creating waves on Facebook and social media in general. It enables you to broadcast events live and connect with your audience on Facebook. It is simply an amazing tool for social media marketing. Use it and use properly.

3. Post Frequency: You might want to post more often on your Facebook Fan page to show seriousness and consistency in the eyes of your audience, Facebook and search engines. The more frequent you post, the more people will see your posts and interact with them. Also, FB will rank your page better and show your post to more people within your niche. Consider posting frequently on your Facebook fan page if you really want to increase engagement. Make sure you know when your audience will be on Facebook so you can get more response from them within few minutes of posting.

4. Use the Facebook News: Do you know a lot of people get their news mostly from Facebook these days? Well, a lot of people check their Facebook news feeds first thing in the morning and even within the day. Using this will make you become their source of news and information especially when you are the first to post on your wall. Always find informative and important news to share with your audience. Also, make sure the news you are sharing is relevant and within your marketing niche. Doing this will encourage them to engage and share your content with their family and friends which may result in more fans and followers on your fan page.

5. Call to Action: Your audience is loyal in most cases and would easily do what you ask of them. There is nothing wrong in asking them to click, comment, like and share your post. You could convince them to follow you in order to get more quality information always and also encourage them to like and share your content by asking them. Just find a way to convince them to engage more with your content.

6. Post Timing: You need to target and post your content when you think your audience will be online or when they can see your post. There are three times you may want to post to get them engage with your content. The first time, you need to post when they are about to wake up, secondary, you need to post when they are on break and thirdly when they close from work and get home. You must know when your audience is able to see your post instantly so you can encourage them to engage with them.

Facebook is a great tool for social media marketing and should only be seen that way. There are no two ways about it. Make proper use of Facebook and you will surely see the results. The other things I will recommend is by Holding contest, do some Q and A’s and ask questions sometimes based on your niche, post other marketers content within your niche and share your story with your audience from time to time.
If you Know other better ways of increasing Facebook Fan page engagement, please let us know in the comment sections below.Visit our homepage for more information and inquiries.

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