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It is a proven fact that social media has taken the game of online marketing to the next level by increasing brand awareness and attracting more likes and followers on Fan pages and post.

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest and Instagram has helped a lot of start-ups grow faster than the predicted rates by owners. It is no news that having more likes and followers matters a lot for your business. It is what every business online should consider very important and work so hard to have the right number of likes and followers.Our agency can provide high quality sri lankan facebook likes and comments to your business page for affordable prices.

In this article, you will understand why likes and followers are really important for your business

  1. Positive indicator for customers

Having a lot of likes and followers on your Fan pages or post tell new and old customers that your brand or products are working for people. It shows that you are simply doing well and right on point. Even though some few marketers will not consider this as a great indicator, customers and visitors see this as a great indicator and that simply get you more attracted in the eyes of customers and visitors.

  1. Social Popularity proof

You may be wondering why some Facebook Fan pages has a lot of likes and some very little right? This is simply because some of the brand make little efforts to get social on social media. Having a lot of likes on Fan pages simply proofs how social and active those brands are on social media. This help those even attract more likes and followers to those active brands on social media. All online business should take this indicator serious and should strive to be as active as possible on social media.

  1. Makes the community more active and fresh

New likes and followers for online brands simply serves as hope and bright future for online businesses. New likes and followers are believed to wake sleeping fans to engage and contribute more to the community by commenting, sharing, retweeting and likes. It shows that more people are getting to know your brand and so the news keep speeding. Online brands should work hard to make sure they attract new fans and followers on their social media pages

  1.    Viral Exposure

Sometimes we forget to understand how important one fan page like can be for a business. Let me break it down a little bit here. When someone likes your Fan page, it automatically appears on their friend’s sidebar showing them their friends like a fan page which in most cases leads to them checking them checking your fan page out and sometimes liking your fan page too as a result of that, their friends also see that and that’s how it gets going. Sometimes one fan page like can lead to another 10 likes and hundreds of reach. This practice simply exposes your Fan page to viral reach or your brand going viral on Facebok within a short period of time.

  1. Avoid Fan Page Turnover

It is logical to understand that when fans don’t engage or doesn’t get actively involve on your fan pages, they stop seeing your new post and become turnovers. On twitter is a different story, followers will always see your post whether they engage or not. This calls for action and as a brand, you should always strive to make sure you bring in new fan page likes and followers to keep your pages active and growing

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  1. Future Potential customers

New likes simply serve as future potential customers, this is because for every new likes or follower, it’s an indication that they are interested in your brand or products. Is either you can convert them today to be your customers or maintain a relationship with them so you can convert them to become your customer’s tomorrow. It is important to know how to maintain relationship with your new likes and followers and encourage them to be active and contribute to your fan page. Every new fan page like or follower should mean a lot to your business and at the same time should be given the due attention required


It is very important for every online business today to make proper use of their Facebook fan page and other social media pages. Your likes and followers are your business assets you should not take for granted. If also you know other creative ways of getting more likes and followers on social media pages, please let us know in the comment section below.

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