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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): new model of business reputation

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I am passionate about search engine optimization or SEO and that is a main factor in digital marketing .Lot of sri lankan websites have very poor seo score and most of them don’t know about it.So this post will describe about it.

Search Engines: A search engine is a tool or system where we insert our query and it get the relevant result from the INTERNET or WORLD WIDE WEB. Here our focus keyword to learn is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO means to bring the targeted website on the top page of the search engine on its relevant query.

All right so it’s usually a little bit of introduction of SEO. I guess every blog written about SEO has provided some sort of background about SEO with their sense. I’ll give you a little bit about mine experience about SEO. You will be shocked to hear that before getting admitted for my graduation in engineering college I was not even interested too much about Internet, SEO was then far away, but as soon as I entered in second year of my engineering degree I got really passionate about SEO.

My beginning with SEO:

With the very beginning of time I showed my friend that my name on internet comes first when they search my name on Google. I made this happen with increasing my Facebook account frequency in various website. That may be the first time when I got aware that rank might be improves if we increase the frequency of the keyword. However I was even not aware about the term keyword LOL.

I am not going to bore you anymore with my story. Let’s talk about the SEO. I have already introduced you about SEO, now it’s time to talk about SEO technology. SEO is all means for marketing but through World Wide Web. All SEO and other marketing practices you make for digital marketing are also known as online marketing. And you need to accept one thing you cannot do online marketing and specially SEO unless you have small at least understanding of technology and there is a lot of things that you need to learn, something like mixed technology-wise with marketing in order to do really well in SEO field. So I have formed this digital marketing journal.

What is SEO

If someone in sri lanka search for “best coffee shops” there will be websites pop up in first page.So you will see there are thousand of websites sitting on page 2,3,4 and so on. He only look at websites in first page only. He never want to scroll to 2nd page. So that’s the basic idea of search engine optimization.

The result urls are started with a phrase “ad”. These results are called paid results or PPC. At the right hand side there are some sponsored results, they are also paid results. for paid result the client need to pay Google or concern search engines.

There are organic results and paid results.The natural results are ranked over a hundreds of guidelines. As you keep your website closer to such guidelines, more better results you will get. However no step by step guidelines are revealed by any search engines. Search engines only ask you how to write search friendly but not in details. Hence the only hope remains is to know how search engine works?

My opinion about actual SEO – How SEO works!

Now let’s come closer back to the topic when we use search engine we search for you know potential you know employers we search for products we search for whatever what are the things that affect the search results that we get one is the query type so Google has put a lot of effort and we’re not talking about Google. Google is not even number one there are many other search engines besides Google that are really popular there are Baidu there are …. sorry I am not remembering the name, you know tons of them but the general principle is the same.

So depending on the query type search engine peaks what type of results it gives you and for example if you never tried you could try sometime and put in Google timer twenty minutes and it will start a timer you can put a flight number and it will give you a flight information and for example here I try to search for a word called alien definitely one of my favorite movies of all time just love that thing. So Google quickly decided that the movie is probably what I’m referring to so it displayed information about the movie right away. So the query that way in putting you know if it’s for example somebody’s name Google try tries to figure out, if it’s example some public figure and then provides information about the person so that’s one of the things that impacts your location. If you go on Google and you search for best restaurant just best restaurant it will show you all restaurants and not you know good restaurants in for example in Dubai or somewhere so Google knows your location from your IP address and from your settings possibly, and so on and so forth.

How search engine works? 

This question is very very very important. You could not start learning SEO tactics without proper homework on search engines working methodology.  It is obvious that all search engines must work on some methodology or algorithms. Let’s try to find out how search engines works?

So links created a lot of authority for you online (you might have heard about back-links in SEO terminology) and another way to establish authority is to display information about the author. If some big sri lankan website mention your website in their website, that is a huge natural backlink. There is some meta tag and some stuff you can do in order to say that “hey I am arts and Danny Lance I wrote this” and then Google can give you a little bit of more authority. Depending on how much you write and content and so forth but basically authority impacts results and your social graph this is cool scary. Don’t know but you guys have friends well at least some of you and some of you have even friends online for you so and Google knows about your friends for example if you use Twitter your friend’s information is public unless you lock your profile.

If you tell Google about your Facebook page it knows about possibly friends that you have there and so forth and so forth if you use Gmail, Google knows a little bit more about you. Google can personalize results based on what your friends are doing. So this is Google trying to be helpful saying like hey  your friends like this restaurant. So when you search for best restaurant in Oulu, for example it could display information that your friend indicated this is good.

Are you getting what I am saying..

This is exactly what the way SEO in a search engine works. So your profile that definitely impacts your results so there has been a lot of talk but basically when you create a profile Google basically puts a lot of information there and tries to track it and understand. And Google is reading your mail and so forth and so forth all it’s not somebody that has nothing else to do in his life and just goes through mail and if your mail has nothing interesting about you or have only work related stuffs, still it wants to learn about you the more it knows the better and obviously that is the information that Google can leverage for ads.

So you better got the point what is SEO well SEO is search engine optimization and I will try to break it down a little and then we’ll go into the fundamentals of SEO. And then maybe we can talk more or well. we’ll see how interested you guys in the topic so SEO the goal of SEO is to get high quality traffic from search engines.

Every search engines must have 3 steps of stairs.

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing and
  3. Retrieval and optimization

Whenever a search engine finds new entry in the internet it crawl its all urls. Crawling process may be done manually through WEBMASTERS TOOL. After crawling successfully indexing process started. Indexing of url in search engines will also done itself by the search engines. Both crawling and indexing process ensure the presence of a new website or url in the internet world. Following search engines retriev the results on the relevant query. The optimization of search results placed as they followed the SEO guidelines.

Google has revolutionized the search engine methodology and so on there are lots of changes also seen in SEO methodology. The search engine field was really simple but again very complex you know before Google came on you online started working and providing search results were used to now there were other search engines but what Google founders came about is an algorithm I think it’s now much less used but it was the page rank algorithm. It was the idea that you could estimate authority of the site by analyzing links that link to the site you know links from other websites. So this is the core of the way that Google worked at least many years ago now the algorithm has been much much much more complex and  very very different much more sophisticated but basically it meant this. You know if you have a website and you have 4 million links you’ll have an authority if you have another website that had you know hundred links it has less Authority. And then quality came in to you no question you know not every link is the same and so forth and so forth but basically links tell a lot about the authority that you have online so do you guys about the miserable failure thing that the Google bomb now.

Just focus on fundamentals in SEO:

When people search for something they are searching for a solution that very rarely people understand this but there if you want to have some fun later on you can go on Google Trends it’s a free service by Google and you can see which are the most popular search words in sri lanka in that year. So people are really seeking solution for their problem. Okay so anyway people search for a solution so when you provide when you think about SEO you have to think about how I can solve somebody’s problem. Obviously the example I mentioned before cannot be really easily solved but still in other cases we can be more helpful.

Google algorithm changes..

There is another word we need to understand and is a machine and at Google it’s a very complex machine nowadays. We’re talking about billions probably of dollars and research and development testing and so forth so we need to understand that Google would not be Google or some other search engine wouldn’t be what it is today. Unless there was a machine that made all the decisions so we have to realize that machine has an algorithm, algorithm has a pattern and if we basically tweak our content to fit in that pattern then we optimize it and the last word optimization, it’s ongoing process. So it’s not something you do once and you forget I can tell you one very good example Google makes rollouts of new algorithm every whatever few months and everybody just wait like for a judgement day when the new algorithm update comes. Because when new algorithm update comes it changes the pattern and it goes through all the websites pushes it through the pattern and then changes the results before you were number one for women’s clothes in sri lanka and now you’re number 479 which is basically nothing. So the algorithm is changing all the time and that’s why the things that I’m going to talk about today are not quick tricks that you can do but something that is fundamental that’s something that will never change okay but the optimization is ongoing process.

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