Social Media Marketing in Sri lanka

social media marketing sri lanka

Do you know what is the power of social media and marketing in sri lanka through? Why marketing through social media is being so popular and important as well? We’re gonna talk a little bit as usual use some tips about your advertising and your marketing. Today we have a special treat for you.Now I am gonna share that with you so you our customers have some secret source and we’re not all keeping it to ourselves. Because that’s the whole point right and the other things that are relay hot right now.

The answer is its networking virtue. In social media a certain group of people are attached with each other. Now what you need to do for social media marketing is to create a effective message, content or anything as per your need. The easy access of internet and mobile made social media marketing work too easy. Hence in social media marketing you need to deliver just one add post and it will be at your exact audience door on a single click.

Roll of Social Media in Digital Marketing

Consumer perception is the most important factor for all business entities since it helps in developing their brand awareness and perception. Thus, both for online and offline marketing it is essential for management to understand consumer perception more effectively and efficiently. Before purchasing or experiencing products and services, customers have a tendency to develop certain perception. Perception usually varies from customer to customer, product as well as service quality. From business or marketing point of view, it is essential for them to track down the customer behaviour pattern and their perception and therefore need to address with the same effectively and efficiently.

During buying a product or services, clients always tend to gather knowledge about the same over the internet.  Thus, based on the online presence and rating, mainly from Google, customers landing into conclusion for buying decision process. Customers also develop after buying behaviour and it depends on the user experience. Based on the market presence and performance, customers used to develop own perception that guides them to undertake purchasing decisions. It’s vital for the direction to address all the consumer complaints and problems so as to have client faith and solve all related issues. Digital marketing is a platform that accelerates the marketing activities to a different level that provides the organization ample enough opportunity.

Therefore, a digital online marketing platform functions under using digital technology and the main and most efficient medium is the internet. This therefore helps the organizations to attach with a million customers within a short span of time. Some of the various platforms, organizations do undertake while implementing the digital marketing process are search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization and e-mail marketing. Some of the digital marketing platforms like Google Ad words, Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Linked IN, which help to track customers, perform customer engagement and thus interact with them effectively and efficiently.

Your contents matters in Social Media Marketing:

The only thing matters in social media marketing is effectiveness of your contents or material. you can grab their attention by posting some viral post.something like trending topic in sri lanka. you can match that news to your business or it will shared among the users very fast.I have only one advise to you just pull your customer from the social primises to your landing web page. Did you got my point? In social media marketing your add posting is easy but there are a lot of competition as well. Means there might be more customers who are parallel executing social media marketing on the same platform with the same audience. Hence your effort should be pull the audience from the social media primises to your landing home page so that he will not get time to compare you with others.

Best plateforms for Social Media Marketing in sri lanka:

If you really want to be go seriously with social media for marketing, you must choose only those platform which full fill you need. I never go beyond the following social media platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube
  • Yourstory
  • Google+
  • Tumblr

There are many other social media plateforms. But believe me you don’t need much. Please dont waste your precious time in too many social media plateforms for social media marketing.

Approximately 3 billion of worlds population are on social media. So you can’t imagine how much marketing you can do with social media. Specially in blog writing you might get some millions of visitors with a limited efforts.

Target your prospective customers throught social media marketing:

There are paid programs on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Such paid social media marketing strategies are also important as they provide ease to reach your exact prospective customes. It reduces our effort in social media marketing and get better results. Through social media you can reach to bulk of customers by sorting them with their age, location, company, designation etc.

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