Digital Marketing – A Brief Introduction

Digital Marketing: Introduction

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Hi this is digii from the digital marketing website. In this article we’re going to talk about some trends in sri lankan digital marketing for year 2021. Now digital marketing can change at such a rapid rate, so it’s important to find them what’s going on and what could be coming down.

I dont think you need a definition of Digital Marketing. This journal is for making you rich in digital marketing practices. So no need to go in a definition but for some other purpose like to reply in interview allow me to write a brief definition.

“Digital marketing is a general term for all of your internet marketing practices. Digital marketing is nothing new but transfer of marketing contents through digital medium like internet.”

Means whatever marketing steps we use in physical marketing, just change the medium from physical to digital. But in digital marketing your contents should be more rich compare to physical marketing. Because people get enough time to read and compare your stuffs with another. It means in digital marketing contents are the main factor and that is why in Wikipedia digital marketing is said as data-driven-marketing.

Digital Marketing Factors:

1. Rich Contents:

The most important factor for great digtial marketing strategy is rich contents. As healthy contents are base of digital marketing hence the first step for you in the direction of digital marketing should be healty contents. Please note keyword planning is very important in generating healthy and keywords rich contents. You must use keywords planner while writing contents for your blog.

2. Search Engine Optimization – SEO

This is the important term in digital marketing. You can say 60-70% of digital marketing affected from SEO status. Your organic page ranks play a vital role for your company reputation on internet. This journal have A to Z almost strategies about SEO.  Start reading our posts and journals to learn about SEO.

3. Web Designing:

No one discuss about this factor but its true, poor designed websites are blogs comparatively less attracts people than a good designed website. Hence along with SEO your webdesign should be attractive, clear and well structured.

4. Adwords and PPC:

Yes dear, if you have a new business or blog you can go with adwords for quick appearance in Google search. According to a survey 40% of the people on internet can not differentiate between organic search and ad leveled search.

5. Social media marketing or optimization:

For digital marketing one must use networking power of social media. With your healthy and rich contents you might be popular via networking of people. Whatever you have to do is to create a attractive advertisement on social media platforms. Rest people on social media do itself. You may also choose some paid programs on social media for faster influences.

6. Blogging:

However I am discussion blogging on 6th position but it is as important as to followed after SEO ie 3rd position. Blogging is an important term of digital marketing. With blogging you can create a huge web presence of your website without any bonding of healty contents. Blogging is very helpful to redirect people to your parent blog or website.

7. Video Marketing:

With the availability of easy internet access video marketing is being game changer. Videos are knowledge full and visual presentation of your stuff which audience can not forget easily. Hence in either business video marketing should not be avoided. In this journal a detail discussion on video marketing and it strategies are discussed via posts and journals.

8. Data Mining and Email Marketing:

This is older but very effective digital marketing term. It included data mining of corresponding audience and aware them with our product through email.

9. Mobile Marketing:

With the huge increment in smart phone users mobile marketing is also added in digital marketing lists. It includes mobile pages of websites and advertisement through app etc.

So i hope you guys got a brief idea about what is digital marketing.For more visit Its for all sri lankan people who need to start and build their digital marketing campaigns for affordable prices.

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