Professional Search Engine Optimization & SEO Services in Sri lanka

SEO Services in Sri lanka

The basis of a successful website promotion campaign is choosing the right keywords. It is necessary to research carefully the most suitable keywords for your campaign.

Using professional industry tools ,our SEO team in Sri lanka is able to determine which words are most searched for e.g. serviced office or serviced offices – because one letter can make a big difference. Secondly we will able analyze these words to determine which similar search phrases would direct traffic to the site. Finally we can look at the Keyword Competitiveness, for example serviced office may have 85,000 searches a year with 50,000 people competing to appear, serviced offices may have 150,000 searches per year but there might be 500,000 people competing. This would give the Keyword serviced office a better KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) as it will be easier to optimise than offices. This way you can rank higher and attract more of the traffic. It is possible to optimise for words with a low KEI but it requires more costs, energy, effort and time.

Our sri lankan SEO team will outline a long term strategy to maximise your organic search results. Our strategy will include both on-page and off-page suggestions as well as outlining a link strategy which plays a substantial part in SEO. The ultimate goal is to bring more traffic to your website in an aim to generate more business/awareness. We will make both practical and technical suggestions on how to improve and enhance the site SEO capability. In the short term we aim to allow search engines such as Google, Yahoo and BING to index fully your entire site. In the long term we aim to increase qualified traffic to your site, increase brand presence, ensure compatibility with your marketing plans and deliver a healthy ROI (Return On Investment). We will also provide a simple competitor analysis to show you the current visibility of some of your competitors online.

The implementation of your strategy is key to its success. If you have existing high rankings in search engines it is important not to lose these. Using an approved redirection of these links will ensure they do not have a negative factor in your optimization. This will need to be carefully worked out before substantial changes are made on the site. our implementation service includes the optimization of the sites home page and an overview recommendation strategy for optimizing additional pages. Should you wish us to provide information or optimize each page of your site this can also be done.

We will introduce the acronyms commonly used in SEO, and we will try to define there words in plain language.

Set of programming instructions to solve some task. In search marketing is the method to define how the results are returned in a search.

Alt text:
It is the text that appears when you place your mouse over a link or image. Assists the visually impaired to understand what is the link or image.

Known as inbound link is a link to a site external to the Site.

Organic Search:
The links are sorted by relevance to a search results page, not including sponsored links. It is the subject of SEO!

Cascading Stylesheet. Method recommended by the W3C for the presentation layer of Web

Cost Per Click (CPC):
Cost per click. The amount to be paid for each click received by a sponsored link.

Crawler / BOT / Spider:
It is a robot (automated program) used by search engines to find and capture all the text and images on the internet and register links found, hence the possibility of finding new pages.

They were the first search engines. They are made by professionals who list various sites grouped by subject with a short description.

A standard part of a URL. It is the part after “www” in a website (ex:

OPD – The Open Directory Project. Home web directory serves as a basis for Google and other search engines.

Keyword / KeyPhrase:
Text used in a quest to return a results page. It is a phrase or a word.

Landing Page:
It is the landing page to the Site by a visitor on a campaign of sponsored links.

Sponsored links:
Form of advertising through the results of a search. Usually be relevant to the keyword used in the research. Unlike SEO, sponsored link involves a financial investment.

Search Marketing:
Set of strategies for Search Engine. Involves Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Sponsored links (PPC).

Optimization of sites:
Techniques used in order to make a site more rational and that is readable to search engines.

Results page:
Is the page that appears in a search engine after searching for a keyword. It consists of a list of links with description may have sponsored links.

It is the file that tells search engines what should and should not be indexed.

Search Engine Optimization (Optimization of Sites) – These are the strategies to improve the visibility of a site in search of organic Search Engine.

Search engine marketing. View and search marketing.

Search Engine Results Page. Are the result pages of a given keyword.

Anchor Text:
It is the clickable text of a link. He has value to Google as meaning for the link.

Uniform Resource Locator. A sequence that provides the Internet address of a site or a Web resource, along with the protocol. The protocol can be http:// or ftp://, or gopher: / /. Ex,

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