Why Reputation Management Should Be Top of Mind

Reputation Management

More than ever being present in the digital space means always having your eye on reputation management and what is being said about your brand.

We are constantly learning that handling this key component of your brand  becomes the most important part of your digital strategy.

Here are some tips and advice for you…

Monitor Things Closely

Answering client questions and complaints need to be done in a timely manner. Having questions sit looks bad on you and that you are not being attentive. We want information right away and move on quickly, be prepared to respond on Sundays at noon and Fridays at midnight.

Eat Some Costs

Make sure your staff know that it is ok to eat some minimal costs. Holding true to every rule and regulation can come back and bite you. A 40 dollar refund is better than 3 hours on Facebook dealing with multiple negative comments that snowball and gain momentum over something simple. Sometimes it is easier to say no worries and move on.


If there is a misunderstanding or mis-communication about your product or service you need to take the time to educate and clarify. Lots of. ompanies feel like that gets into a bunch of back and forth but it valuable. If someone starts reading a chain that starts with a negative comment, you need to dispell the myth right below. That way you have educated future customers and properly managed your reputation.

Common Sense and Reality

Most people are pretty understanding and can recognize when you are working hard to solve their problems. So use honesty when responding to issues, especially for those request that seem outlandish. I have heard of people getting free trips over a very minor issue. Provide fair compensation for mistakes and complaints and your community will use it’s power of reason to see it is fair.

Hope this helps with your digital marketing strategy. Fire me some comments below.

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